The SkyTower

The SkyTower2019-08-19T18:34:31+01:00

The Sky Tower

Skizze Skytoerr

Possibilities of use:

Use as

Team High ropes course

Low ropes course

 Vertical Fun Climbing

As Climbing park

 as Zip-line parcours

Possible number of stations


5 + Combinations



various take-off and landing areas on 4 levels

 als Sport-Klettertrainings-Anlage

4 Hauptrouten + Kombinationen

At a glance – that’s what makes our tower so special.

  • Multitool for education, training and leisure fun

  • Minimum space requirement with maximum number of stations

  • Free-standing, without guy wires, height 18.50 m, floor space 64 sqm

  • Coupling of several towers to a Zipline course possible

  • short construction time, simple inspection and revision times

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