Fun in the terrain?  of course!


Company trip or Incentive?

With our attractive offers and activities, we will really get you and your colleagues going. Hopefully not so much that they don’t want to go home at all …

See for yourself! Here is a small selection

iPad Challenge mit Logo

GPS ­- Tours/Geocaching

– that awaits you-

Nature and landscape, team tasks and personal challenges, puzzles and knowledge questions

Whether iPad challenge, orientation tour or interactive treasure hunt: Our “Local Based Games” guarantee adventure and great fun for everyone! The combination of nature and technology, the hunting fever that slowly increases …

Equipped with iPad or GPS device or compass, map and radio you will find your suitable challenge in the middle of the heath landscape.

Team spirit is required!

Riesenkicker Incentives

Human Soccer

the slightly different way of playing football

Once the ambition has awakened, there is no stopping at Germany’s most popular sport!

But slightly modified!

Tied to the bar, without offside, almost foul-free football play.

Have fun!


Highest concentration …, draw the bow …, aim …, absolute silence …, and hits!!!!

The team is cheering! And if the arrow missed, it doesn’t matter! Because in archery, the shared experience and the fun of an old art of shooting count more than the individual sporting performance. And finally, no Wilhelm Tell appeared from nowhere.

Nineboot im Kletterpark

Segway by Ninebot Parcours

Segway ride at first sight impossible, but then, it goes, it drives!

and then to the parcours: time driving, balancing on the seesaw, parcours down, egg run and much more

Fun and challenge are guaranteed!

Marble run construction

Creativity, craftsmanship and the combination of partial results form the basis of the synergy effect in this task.

In this fascinating team task creativity, communication and craftsmanship are required! Plan, tinker, try – and then the big moment! The ball runs and runs and runs … Which team has managed to build the track with countless seesaws, tubes, gutters, curves, hoses and spirals on which the ball has been travelling the longest?

Constructing and driving a “soap box” car

Feel like you’re on the legendary Nürburgring! Here the Vettels and Hamiltons can compete as well as the Ferrari and Mercedes fans! Screwing, drilling, hammering and improving the CW value … And then it’s off to the track. A lot of fun for the whole team. And in the end maybe everyone gets a glass of champagne …

Carriage ride

Wild, wild West! Even in the wild west a carriage ride was always a special experience – in the Lüneburger Heide it is almost a must! With no other vehicle can you discover the wonderful nature as wonderfully as with a carriage. Slow down and escape from the demands of everyday life … But beware: as in the wild west, you have to be afraid of highwaymen – however, it is only a matter of a few Heidschnucken.

Motorized Board -MoBo- riding

Scooter, Skater, Surfer, Kickboarder watch out!

The new kick with the board is called Mobo! The electro skateboards not only make the hearts of young and young-at-heart Tony Hawks, the American skater legend, beat faster. This fascinating piece of sports equipment captivates everyone who has always wanted to feel the wind with a board under their feet and enjoy the feeling of freedom.


Event Tipi

We can do a lot – but no weather! If the Isobars don’t mean it quite so well, our big event tipi is at your disposal for many activities!

Other great team activities such as problem solving tasks, orientation tours and much more are available on request.

Still hesitant?

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