Unforgettable Fun on the water

Take on the challenge and build your team

Build and ride your raft

The ultimate team event and great fun for all age groups! Small bowline or figure of eight knot? Instead of spinning sailor’s yarn in the company rumour kitchen, real handwork and creativity are required here. With the help of our instructors, various teams build sustainable rafts which are then launched for a test drive or a race. One can only hope that the work was done properly.

Not that it still says: “Chief overboard!”

Kayak or dragon boat construction and then the trip?

Follow in the footsteps of the Inuit who once developed the kayak for hunting! However, there is no danger that polar bears will interfere with this fascinating and creative team activity. When building a kayak, you have to construct a boat from a prefabricated set of materials in different teams and give it as original a design as possible. In the following test run it becomes clear whether everything will hold or whether a team will possibly sink into the fishing grounds after all …

Bild Tretboot

Pedal boat regatta on our tank washing facility

“A cruise that’s funny…” Indeed it is! An extremely high fun factor is guaranteed in our pedal boat regatta! As soon as the crew is standing – captain, helmsman, navigator and machinist, it’s time to “cast off” and get on the pedals. Different courses and routes with different levels of difficulty are available. Commitment and passion are required, so that nobody has to suffer shipwreck in the end.

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