Experiential education   -learning with fun and action-

Learning with heart, hand and head

For 16 years now, Höhenweg GmbH has been offering adventure education programs for school classes, social institutions and clubs. Personality development and the ability to work in a team are central components of our programs. The design of the programs, tailored to their needs and wishes, is carried out in the context of the topics to be worked on, the duration, the size of the team and the age of the participants. Climbing in the climbing park or in the team ropes course is just one of many possible learning scenarios.

Our facility is located in the middle of the unique landscape of the Lüneburger Heide. This scenario forms the basis for our programs and trainings. Climbing in the HöhenwegArena, developing problem-solving strategies in the low ropes course, clearly experiencing ambiguous communication when building rafts, having and showing confidence when climbing with your classmates as well as during the test ride of the rafts.

Teamarbeit im Niedrigseilgarten

Download area

In the download area you will find a small guide for the selection of the appropriate provider, a checklist for the organisational process and with our learning pyramid an overview of the possible topics depending on the class level and the selection of the learning arrangements.

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Höhenweg Arena - Sportpädagogisches Programm

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