Multi-day School trips

Experience added value – experience – reflect – transfer

Erlebnispädagogik Zusammenarbeit

In cooperation with Bispingen Youth Hostel, we offer two three-day programs for school classes.

The Erlebnis-Reich programme is aimed at school classes from 5th to 7th grade. Playful and with a lot of action, the ability to work in a team of every single student is in demand.   The basics of communication and cooperation are taught, thus strengthening the cohesion of the class.

The Mehr-Wert programme is designed for school classes from 8th grade onwards. Experience teamwork, reflect team ability, develop personality in and through the team. Expand methodical skills, live out social skills. Accepting challenges, mastering them and shifting boundaries are the contents of this class trip.

Bookings can be made directly through Bispingen Youth Hostel.

In the price of 143, – for the program Erlebnis-Reich as well as 145, – for the program Mehr-Wert are included determination of requirements, individually coordinated program after arrangement as well as the accommodation and food supply in the youth hostel.

Exemplary program schedule

Day 1: Entry / Positioning

Until 12:00 noon: Arrival, 12:00 noon: Lunch, 13:00 noon: Welcome of the participants and program introduction, 13:30 noon: Entry into the program, location determination, target agreement, 15:00 noon: Cooperation versus competition IPad Challenge (combination of GPS tour, scavenger hunt, team tasks and content mediation), 17:00 noon: Reflection and evaluation, 18:00 noon Dinner, 19:00 noon: clear communication / communication rules the labyrinth, 20:00 noon: Closing of the day.

Day 2: The class as TEAM ?

08:00 breakfast, 09:30 drive to Schneverdingen to Europe’s largest climbing park, 10:00: Teamwork at raft building, low and high ropes course (program by arrangement), 16:45: return journey, 18:00: dinner.

Day 3: Outlook, this is where it continues

08:00 Breakfast, room rooms and packing, 9:15: The test: Performance Puzzle, 10:30: Personal action plan SMART, 11:30: Conclusion, 12:00: Lunch, 12:45: Departure.


In 2015, we were awarded the “KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen” certificate by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics for being particularly child- and family-friendly. The HöhenwegArena was tested in around 50 criteria in the service, safety and equipment categories and can now be decorated and displayed with the KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen logo: Here children are welcome and in good hands!

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