Regulations in school sports

Erlebnispädagogik Schulklasse

Regulations in school sports

Each federal state has its own rules and regulations for attending high ropes courses and climbing parks as well as for participating in experiential education programmes and courses.  Enclosed you will find the regulations for Lower Saxony.  We have developed a small guide for your orientation. You can find it in our download area. If you have decided on an offer from us, we have drawn up a checklist for the organisational procedure. This can also be found in the download area.
RdErl. d. MK v. 1.10.2011 – 34.6 – 52 100/1 – VORIS 22410 ?reference: ?RdErl. “Qualifications for climbing in school sports” v. 30.5.2006 (SVBl. p. 249), last modified by RdErl. v. 24.8.2010 (SVBl. p. 428) – VORIS 22410
When visiting a climbing adventure park, the RdErl. d. MK “Schulfahrten” v. 10.1.2006 (SVBl. p. 38), as last amended by RdErl. d. MK v. 1.8.2008 (SVBl. 245), must be observed. A qualification of the respective teacher in the aforementioned sense is not necessary if sufficiently qualified specialist personnel is available. The teacher has to convince himself of the qualification of the qualified personnel before taking advantage of the sports offer. Supervision activities and management tasks are assigned to the specialist personnel. Sports facilities and adventure rooms with professional organisers as part of a class trip. The regulations for school sports must also be observed when pupils take part in sporting activities and adventure rooms provided by professional organisers during a class trip (e.g. high ropes course, ….). Each of these projects must be examined and approved by the school management as a school event. If professional providers provide sufficiently qualified specialist personnel, the teacher in the respective sport does not have to be sufficiently qualified himself in every case. The teacher must satisfy himself of the qualification of the specialist personnel before making use of the sports offer. Supervision activities may be delegated to the qualified personnel. The general duty of supervision of the school and the responsible teacher according to § 62 NSchG remains unaffected.

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