Family and Leisure Action and Fun with the whole family

Take on the Challenge either with the whole family or simply  on your own the fun for the whole family is guaranteed.

Out into the nature

Experience some thrills, train strength, skill, coordination and mobility.
Alone, with the family or with friends, relax, clear your mind and spend an eventful day.

If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the right place!

With over 150 climbing stations on 6 floors and several zip-lines, our HöhenwegArena is the largest climbing park of its kind in the world, built with masts. Climbing tasks in different degrees of difficulty offer each of our guests an appropriate challenge and of course a lot of climbing fun.

  • Climbing with the family

  • Celebrating (kid’s) birthdays

  • Relaxation and fun

  • Enjoy your leisure time

Pure nature:

While climbing, enjoy the view of the surrounding heath and forest landscape as well as the view of the former military airfield Reinsehlen, which today gives the impression of an African savannah landscape. Of course you have a clear view of the Wilseder Berg and Hamburg from the climbing park!

And after climbing

  • Enjoy the view

  • Chill

  • Have a barbecue

  • Geocaching

  • Pedal boat

  • MoBo`s

Have a barbecue on the beach of our tank wash, search for one or the other geocache, rent a pedal boat or one of our MoBo`s or, or …

Good to know!

As early as 2015, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics recognized us asparticularly child- and family-friendly and awarded us the certification “KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen” for this purpose. The HöhenwegArena was checked thoroughly in around 50 criteria in the categories of service, safety and equipment and can now be decorated and displayed with the KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen logo:

Here children are warmly welcome and in good hands!

KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen certified!

50 criteria checked thoroughly.

Here children are welcome!

  • 50 criteria checked successfully

  • Service

  • Safety

  • Equipment

Watch out:


Still hesitant?

We are glad to help you with all your questions about our climbing park!

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Concepts and programs for the big family party on request!

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