The climbing park in the Hamburg metropolitan area 

The HöhenwegArena
The climbing park in the Hamburg metropolitan area

Selected as one of the 99 favourite places in the Hamburg metropolitan area, our climbing park, the HöhenwegArena, is located in the midst of the beauty and tranquillity of the Lüneburger Heide at the gates of Hamburg. From a height of 30 m at the very top of the Sky Tower, Hamburg is almost within sight. By car via the A1 and B3 or via the A7, we are easy to reach in about 45 minutes. This is how climbing should be in Hamburg!

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Get out into nature

Experience your individual thrill, train your strength, improve your dexterity and train your coordination in the high ropes course Hamburg. From the beginner to the professional who wants to know, we offer you your personal challenge. But also on your own, with family or friends, relax, clear your mind and spend an eventful day. Our climbing park at the gates of Hamburg, in Camp Reinsehlen near Schneverdingen, offers you a variety of challenges.

If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the right place!

Climbing park Hamburg metropolitan area

With over 150 climbing stations on 6 floors and several zip lines, our HöhenwegArena is the largest climbing park of its kind in the world, built with masts. Climbing tasks in different degrees of difficulty offer each of our guests an appropriate challenge and of course a lot of climbing fun in the climbing park Hamburg.

Start slowly and warm up in the low ropes course to achieve high performance later. Upgrade your level to the high ropes course near Hamburg and go for it in the Sky Tower. And don’t worry about the ropes at any time, our safety system guarantees you continuous safety no matter where and how high you are in the Hamburg climbing park.

Climbing experience for the whole family

The climbing forest “HöhenwegArena” in the metropolitan area of Hamburg offers not only professionals but also whole families an unforgettable leisure experience. Pack your whole family including grandparents and children (grandchildren) and enjoy the climbing experience in the climbing park Hamburg of the HöhenwegArena. Our coaches are always available to answer your questions or to help you. Experience climbing in an exciting and unforgettable atmosphere and treat yourself and your family to an unforgettable experience.

Busy? You’re worried about having to wait a long time? We understand that and that’s why we have made sure that everything runs smoothly right from the start. The concept of our climbing forest reliably avoids accumulations and allows a flexible evasion to any station. We take care of your fun.

request family fun

Our climbing park is particularly child- and family-friendly and therefore we have received the certification “KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen” from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics. Did you know that our youngest guest was accompanied by mum and dad at the age of 2.5? Besides our oldest guest with 85 years proved, what one can accomplish in the age still everything.

Visit us gladly with your entire family, we look forward to you.

The low ropes course of the climbing park Hamburg consists of fixed and semi-mobile tasks and exercises. The multitude of exercises and their modifications allow a maximum of variety. Your fun is in the foreground.

Our high ropes course in Schneverdingen built in the year 2000 was one of the first high ropes courses in Germany. The high ropes course lies in a 200 year old oak grove and is surrounded by nature and coniferous forest. The high ropes course has 14 elements. Thirteen elements are connected to each other, but can also be used individually through their own ascent possibilities. Over 70 people can use our climbing forest freely and individually.

The Sky Tower represents the royal class and combines low and high ropes courses in a single incomparable concept. The range includes a total of 40 tasks with top rope protection as well as Clip and Climb sport climbing tasks, climbing park tasks and low rope garden tasks. The Sky Tower, no eye remains dry here. Take up the challenge!

And after climbing

Even after the climbing we offer you a rich and exciting program in the climbing forest Hamburg. Have a barbecue directly on the sandy beach of our tank wash and enjoy the southern flair when the weather is fine. But even if you don’t have enough and still want action, we have something for you:

Go on a search for one or the other geocache in and around the climbing park Hamburg and embark on an exciting journey. Rent a pedal boat, one of our MoBo`s and Segways or, or …

You can find an overview of our offer and prices on the following page:

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By the way

In 2015, we were awarded the “KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen” certificate by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics for being particularly child- and family-friendly. The HöhenwegArena was put through its paces in around 50 criteria in the service, safety and equipment categories and can now be decorated and displayed with the KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen logo: Here children are welcome and in good hands!

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