The decisive success factor for all training measures and consulting activities is the trainer. It is therefore very important to us that our trainers not only have a sound and qualified education but also a wealth of experience.

Depending on the training design, we use process and / or assistant trainers as well as safety trainers.

The range of tasks of the process trainer covers the following points:

  1. Determining requirements: taking stock of the current situation. Determination of the goals.
  2. Conception of the training measure: Determination of the methods and contents of the training.
  3. Implementation of the training: Development of concrete goals and measures at personal, team and organisational level.
  4. Follow-up: Review of the agreement reached during the training to ensure that it is successfully implemented in day-to-day work.

This ensures a successful transfer into the daily work routine and a sustainable benefit for our customers.

Tasks of the assistant or safety trainers

The task of the assistant or safety trainers is to support the process trainers in their work. They are responsible for the safety management of the Höhenweg GmbH and thus specifically for the physical safety of the participants. Many – the predominant number – of the activities take place in advance. Obtaining a weather report, checking the materials used and preparing the tasks, exercises and learning projects in accordance with our safety standards are important prerequisites for being able to carry out accident-free training.

In addition to our permanent trainers, we also have a large pool of freelance trainers who support us competently in large projects.

Vertrauen im Hochseilgarten

Our Trainers and Consultants

Markus Hielscher
Markus HielscherBorn in 1964
MA Pedagogy / Sports (University of Stuttgart)
Systemic Coaching and Team Development
Certification for Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
EFQM Assessor
Continuing Education et al. in ReTeaming,
Solution-oriented transfer moderation and
Communication psychology (n. Schulz von Thun)
Specialized exercise leader in climbing additional further education kayaking, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, mountain biking
Safety manager adventure park (IAPA e. V.)
Dr. Dennis Brodbeck
Dr. Dennis BrodbeckBorn in 1965
What is close to my heart:
Let serious things happen in a playful way.
Helps to unfold potentials and
lead people to use their possibilities.
Relate people so that you have more success together
Never only train the skills, but always work on the skills and talents behind them.
make theory practically usable – with joy.

“Don’t be afraid of slow progress. But be afraid of stagnation!”

(Chinese proverb)

Study of Psychology in Freiburg, Basel and Hamburg,
Diplom-Psychologe mit Promotion
Studienschwerpunkte: Organizational Psychology,
Clinical Psychology as well as Counselling & Training
(Prof. Schulz von Thun)
Change-Manager / Management-Trainer
Certified Business-Coach according to the criteria of dvct e.V.
Leading at the Speed of Trust
(cert. Facilitator according to Stephen M.R. Covey)
Continuing Education as Systemic Organizational Consultant
with Prof. Schulz von Thun Fritz Simon (runs)
Systemic organizational constellations
Systemic group dynamics (training group)
Trainer for conflict intelligence and violence prevention
Safety trainer for outdoor trainings
Client-centered psychotherapy (Carl Rogers)
Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy
Trainer of the Japanese martial art Aikido (2nd Dan)

Reinhard Ahrens
Reinhard AhrensBorn in 1956
University education as diploma psychologist (University of Hamburg)
Certified work, company and organizational psychologist (BDP)
Continuing education in systemic process consulting (Institute for Systemic Studies, Hamburg and consulting group Neuwaldegg, Vienna)
Certified Hogan Assessment Consultant (Metaberatung, Düsseldorf)
NLP Teaching Coach (German NLP Coaching Association)
Trained ZRM Trainer (University of Zurich)
Certified PSI Consultant (University of Osnabrück)
Frank Möller
Frank MöllerBorn in 1970
Training / Additional training
Insurance specialist, Business economist IHK
Additional qualification as an organisational consultant, Prof. Dr. Claus Nowak,
Training as coach and supervisor with systemic transactional analysis
Leader trainer qualification, OSB and consultant Hanstedt group
OE consultant qualification, Bernd Kessel, consultant group Hanstedt
License: Golden Profiler of Personality [GPOP], Jürgen Kugele
Consultant training on the basis of conversational psychotherapy according to Carl R. Rogers
Conflict Management and Collegial Team Coaching KTC® , Osterberg Certificate KTC®-Trainer
Communication Consultant/Trainer Training, Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun
Train the Trainer Further Training, Osterberg Certificate, Prof. Dr. Claus Nowak
Günther Hoffmann
Günther HoffmannBorn in 1971

Magister of Sports Science

Additional education:
Scientific Exercise Leader Neurology
Ropes-Course Trainer
Collegial Team Coaching
Systemic Process Monitoring in the Outdoors

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