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Sport pedagogical!

Climbing, building rafts, archery or geocaching! This means having fun together with your classmates, being outdoors, moving, balancing, climbing, trying out new things, experiencing personal limits and shifting them.
For a school trip, a school trip, that is quite a lot of content. We call this “sport pedagogic” because we believe that sport should offer fun in movement, social interaction and space for development.
For us, it becomes experiential education when personal and team behaviour is to be worked on, reflected upon and, if necessary, modified in a concrete way, when a conscious transfer of the learning content to other situations is carried out in the sense of a Humboldt education or learning theory.
Our “sport pedagogical” offers can be carried out for pupils from the 3rd class onwards. We recommend our experience pedagogical offers starting from the 7th class.

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Höhenweg Arena - Sportpädagogisches Programm

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