The Safetysystem in the Höhenweg Arena !

Safety first!

The combination of:

qualified employees,
the conception of the plant as well as
of the climbing and securing material

enables our guests to have a carefree climbing pleasure tailored to their personal needs.

Safety managers, trainers, rescuers and supervisors are always there for you!


Permanent protection in the climbing park Höhenwegarena

We are a member of the IAPA e.V. (International Adventure Park Association) and work according to their standards. Of course the construction as well as the operation correspond to the DIN standard for high ropes courses (DIN EN Norm 15567-1 and 15567-2).

We have opted for a permanent safety system which guarantees the greatest possible safety against falls from a height and, at the same time, flexible use in the selection of tasks in the HöhenwegArena.

How it works!

The safety system consists of two carabiners which are alternately hooked into the wire ropes tensioned at the stations. There are two special features: Firstly, the carabiners are connected to each other by a cable pull.

This means that if one karabiner is open, the second karabiner can no longer be opened. On the other hand, the carabiners can only be opened at points where there is a so-called tweezle. The carabiner has the function of a key, so to speak, which allows an opening only at the suitable lock.
Whether in 90 cm or in 30 m height, whether in easy or difficult tasks, everyone can find here the suitable, appropriate challenge. There are no predetermined courses. The climbers choose the appropriate climbing stations for themselves according to their personal balance of courage, strength, endurance and fun.

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