Schneverdingen – not only a climbers paradise –

Schneverdingen- the western gateway to the Lüneburger Heide

In the city triangle of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover lies Schneverdingen. Schneverdingen with its heath villages is, so to speak, the western gateway to the Lüneburger Heide. Typical heath landscape with swamps, forests and especially in Reinsehlen – at our climbing park – with exclusive savannah landscape, invite you to “slow down”.

Schneverdingen- “the official Tips”

Die Lüneburger Heide bei Schneverdingen

Schneverdingen- “the secret Tips”

The Tante EMMA shop “Max Manke” in Wintermoor at the Chaussee, directly at the L171. The information centre for all Wintermoorers, Schneverdingers who commute to Hamburg and craftsmen who get their first breakfast here early in the morning. Rumour has it that the world’s best meat salad is made here according to an old family recipe. By the way, you can still pay with D-Mark there!

Ice cream! Schneverdingen has three ice cream parlours.  Only 19000 inhabitants, still spread over several villages are an excellent basis for large portions at reasonable prices!

Supermarkets. Schneverdingen, the shopping paradise. Aldi, Lidl, Famila, two EDEKA, two Penny and Thursday mornings even the weekly market! Best conditions for the shopping frenzy. Some of the supermarkets are open until 10 pm.


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