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Experiential education – learning with heart, hand and head

Höhenweg GmbH has been offering experiential education programs for school classes, social institutions and clubs for over 20 years. Personality development and teamwork are central components of our programs. The design of the entire experiential education program, tailored to your needs and wishes, takes place in the context of the topics to be covered, the duration, the team size and the age of the participants. Climbing in the climbing park or team high ropes course is just one of many possible learning scenarios.

Our facility is located in the middle of the unique landscape of the Lüneburg Heath. This scenario forms the basis for our training, which leads to lasting success. Whether climbing in the HöhenwegArena, developing problem-solving strategies in the low ropes course or communicating together while building a raft, all of this brings people together, strengthens cohesion and builds trust. Experiential education guarantees fun for the whole group, enables them to find out their own limits and ensures that each individual can surpass themselves.

We will be happy to work with you to put together the perfect concept for the whole group. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can explain to you quickly and without obligation which strategies and activities we can use to strengthen and consolidate group cohesion.

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Sports education with Höhenweg GmbH

Climbing, building rafts, archery or geocaching! This means having fun together with classmates, being outdoors, moving, balancing, hanging, trying out new things, experiencing and pushing personal boundaries. That’s quite a lot of content for a class trip or school excursion. We call this “sports education” because we believe that sport should offer fun through movement, social interaction and space for development.

For us, it becomes experiential education when personal and team behavior is to be worked on, reflected on and, if necessary, modified, when a conscious transfer of the learning content to other situations is carried out in line with Humboldt’s educational and learning theory.

Our “sports education” offers are available for pupils from Year 3 onwards. We recommend our experiential education offers from Year 7 onwards.

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