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Welcome to the HöhenwegArena climbing park!

Our facility is one of the largest in Europe and extends over 5 floors. With over 150 climbing stations at heights of up to 30 meters, it is unique and a true paradise for adventure seekers! It offers you not only thrills, but also maximum safety thanks to a permanent safety system.

Our climbing park has been recognized as particularly family-friendly, and for good reason: it offers a shared experience for young and old. Children accompanied by their parents can climb without age restrictions and, in our experience, children aged 8 and over can try out the challenges on their own.

We welcome those who prefer to have solid ground under their feet as spectators! On our 100 square meter platform at a height of 8 meters, you can cheer on the climbing artists and enjoy the view over Camp Reinsehlen.

The HöhenwegArena not only offers unique climbing experiences, but also opportunities for refreshments after climbing. Enjoy snacks on site, hire a barbecue or let our catering service spoil you by arrangement. The restaurant of the Hotel Camp Reinsehlen in the immediate vicinity of our climbing park promises additional gastronomic variety.

Immerse yourself in the world of climbing fun and experience unforgettable moments in the HöhenwegArena climbing park – where adventure is at home!

Group (3)
  • Number of climbing stations: with over 150 challenges in the HöhenwegArena climbing park and 40 challenges on the Sky Tower, several rope slides and four free-fall abseiling points, a second or third visit is also worthwhile.
  • You can climb up to 30 m high on 5 levels in our climbing park.
  • In the HöhenwegArena climbing park, spectators can walk unsecured through the stairwell up to the 100 square meter viewing platform at a height of 8 meters or watch the action from our sandy beach.
  • Climbers are supervised by the trainers at eye level. This enables rapid crisis intervention.
  • The safety system used guarantees a continuous safety system that makes it impossible to unhook, but offers a free choice of route and overtaking options.
  • The HöhenwegArena climbing park does not have a fixed sequence of courses, so you can enter and exit at any time.
  • The tasks are divided into three levels of difficulty (black/difficult, red/medium, blue/easy). There are also our partner tasks, which are marked “green”.
  • Our climbing park is therefore not only suitable for athletes, but also for families with children and senior citizens. The design of the climbing park reliably avoids congestion in front of the stations, as it is possible to switch to other tasks at any time.

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Training & Beratung

Climbing card (3h incl. instruction)

from 18€


Day tickets

from 28€

Group (3)

The Sky Tower, the “jack of all trades”

The Sky Tower, our “jack of all trades”. High ropes course, low ropes course and climbing park all in one.
The Sky Tower is so unique that we protected the concept right away. It is specially designed for groups and teams and can be used for team and management development, company outings and incentives, as well as just for fun.
Unlike our HöhenwegArena climbing park, the Sky Tower can only be booked exclusively for teams or groups and is supervised by specially trained instructors.
Covering an area of 65 square meters, our Sky Tower offers a total of 40 climbing station team tasks with top-rope safety, clip and climb sport climbing tasks, climbing park tasks and low ropes course tasks.
During team training sessions, the team members secure each other. Trust, responsibility, clear communication and teamwork are the basic prerequisites for successful implementation.

As well as being used as a classic team high ropes course, the Sky Tower can be climbed independently with a permanent safety system. We also have a sporty version, our “Clip and Climb Concept”, in which you only climb vertically upwards and a safety device takes over the securing.

Group (3)

The low ropes course

  • Spider web
  • Swamp
  • Mohawk Walk classic
  • Mohawk Walk modern
  • Team seesaw
  • Teambeam
  • Zigzag
  • Acid pond

The large number of tasks and their modification options allow for a design tailored to the current team situation.